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Business focus:  Empowerment of investors/members to select, blend, implement, maintain and re-align their goal, their long term savings- and/or life insurance solutions,


  • Retirement fund solutions for employer workforces: pre- and post-retirement solutions through umbrella funds and stand–alone funds;

  • Retirement fund solutions for individuals: pre- and post-retirement solution through retirement annuity funds;

  • Living annuities for individuals: post-retirement linked investment assurance solutions.


  •             Umbrella Funds (Pension & Provident Funds)

  •             Retirement Annuity Fund

  •             Unclaimed Benefit Funds

  •                           Living Annuity (Guardrisk)

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Empowerment shareholder:  Mount Elaia Projects, a public benefit organization, with the aim to provide support in poor and previously disadvantaged communities.  Approved in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

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