Life, Funeral and Disability insurance


 iRetire focusses on stringing together different PARTNERS into an optimized solution for the member.


Secondary Goal - after capital accumulation, insurance needs to provide financial recoverability for dependents in the event of a death / disability of the member


Risk Benefits:

  • PHI- Monthly income replacement in event of disability.

  • GLA- Lump sum benefit for dependents in event of death.

  • Funeral- Small lump sum to assist dependents to pay for the funeral.

  • Capital disability- Lump sum benefit to assist in the event of disability.

  • Dread disease- Lump sum benefit in the event of critical illness.

  • Education benefit- Benefit to provide monies dedicated to educating your child in the event of insured's death.

  • Accidental death- Lump sum benefit for dependents in the event of death caused by an accident.

  • Accidental disability- Lump sum benefit in the  event of becoming disabled due to an accident.

  • Temporary Disability- Short term PHI (monthly salary replacement in event of disability) 


The optimal balance between investments and risk benefits to increase the probability of the primary goal (capital accumulation) being reached.



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