The Acravest INVESTMENT PLATFORM provides the functionality and relationships that would enable Multi Managers/consultants to implement and manage custom designed investment strategies by combining different specialist investment strategies  into single  solutions.


Investment strategies have the aim to deliver asset growth, in line with client needs, over specified measurement periods.


The following broad action steps forms part of the design of an investment strategy:

  • Understand the Investment growth need of the client and define the long term growth target ;

  • Select the combination of asset classes that would deliver the growth target in the long run, whilst minimizing investment risk;

  • Select a benchmark for continuous monitoring;

  • Select the best investment manager combination for each asset class;

  • Implement;

  • Monitor against benchmark;

  • Adjust.

The Board of Trustees carries the fiduciary responsibility for investment strategies implemented for members of pension /provident funds.  Each investment strategy needs to be approved by the Board.  Compliance is monitored by Acravest.



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