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Why should an EMPLOYER establish a retirement rund for its EMPLOYEES:


 Only EMPLOYERS can facilitate retirement funds that offer:

  •  Participation in governance,

  •  Wholesale pricing for retail solution,

  •  Participation in design,


Value add for EMPLOYEES is substantial:

  •  Provided the EMPLOYEE is guided to manage his own project, use support tools and understand the ultimate aim and understand the value proposition ;


Ultimate Aim: STREETWISE EMPLOYEES on track towards a funded post-career life stage

  •  Instill financial confidence in individuals,

  •  Enhance project management skills,

  •  It enhances the EMPLOYER'S potential of becoming an EMPLOYER of choice and attracting best talent


Why the iRetire solution:

  •  Flexible in stringing together different independent specialist service providers and reviewing frequently;

  •  In case of umbrella fund, independent professional board of trustees and investment committee;

  •  Transparent view across all disciplines in value chain,

  •  Focus on employee with the aim to provide the best effort to achieve a funded post career life;

  •  Sharp focus on optimal utilization of available funds, cost and performance;

  •  Direct access to personal service teams.


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iRetire establishes administration teams for groups of EMPLOYERS, which means that there are consistency in relationships that oversee the business processes for EMPLOYERS. 


Our service delivery track record confirms that we understand the importance of defining business processes, enable those with the optimal technology mix, designing the ideal organization structure and appointing administration professionals to deliver on the mandate required for a serious solution such as retirement funding strategies. 


EMPLOYERS can log onto their employees’ member records by utilizing the LOGIN on this page. 


The login should be arranged with Megan Kahl at:  

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