iRetire will at all times render financial services to clients honestly, fairly with due skill, care and diligence, in the interests of the clients and the integrity of the financial services industry.


iRetire will, when rendering a financial service, disclose to the client the existence of any personal interest in the relevant service-, or of any circumstance which gives rise to an actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to such service and take all steps reasonable to ensure fair treatment of the client:


Examples of potential conflict of interests:

  • Non-cash incentives and or any other indirect consideration offered by another provider, a product supplier or any other person to the provider;

  • Holding directly- or indirectly, of more than 10% of another provider’s shares;

  • Receiving more than 30% of total remuneration in the preceding 12 months from another provider;

  • Utilization of information and/or data received from clients for purposes other than service delivery to those clients to whom the information and / or data belongs. (We conduct ongoing research on trends with regards to the industry in which we operate.  In the event of such research conducted, results will be presented in an anonymous manner)

  • We do not accept- or offer any material gifts that could influence our-, or counter party decisions in any dealings we may have.  Gifts up to a value of R500-00 are viewed as non-material for the purposes of this clause.


iRetire will not deal in any financial product for own benefit, account or interest where the dealing is based upon advance knowledge of pending transactions for or with clients, or on any non-public information the disclosure of which would be expected to affect the prices of such a product.


We take our fiduciary duty towards clients and shareholders seriously.  We therefore take great care not to exploit any authoritative position we may hold as a result of our duties that could lead to losses for our stakeholders.


In situations where un-intentional conflict arises, our approach will be to act in the best interest of members whose savings are administered by the business.

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